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Rear Wheelchair Securement Module


Saves securement time and reduces physical demand on drivers


Description:  The manual “timed release” rear securement system gives the driver 15 seconds use of “both hands” to connect and disconnect the (2) rear securement hooks to and from the wheelchair.  It is used with (2) front retractors mounted to either a standard floor anchorage (L track, Slide N’ Click), or in Transit applications permanently mounted to the V-Pro, or American Seating ARM.


Unit Activation:  Release Handle slides activating and releasing the retractor webbing for 15 seconds to allow the driver to attach the (2) rear retractors hooks to the WC.  An audible “click” is heard when the unit is locked and the (2) rear retractors will then go into their self locking/self tensioning automatic mode (always getting tighter, never looser).  The “retractable” occupant restraint (lap belt) mounted on the unit will allow for easier accessibility and use by the driver.


Features/Benefits include:

  • Compact and modular design
  • Two less (removable) floor retractors (Paratransit/School applications)
  • 15 seconds of webbing movement allows Operator to attach two rear securement hooks to and from wheelchair
  • Self tensioning, Self-locking retractor webbing feature for safety and self correcting capabilities (when paired with QRT front retractors no tensioning required)
  • Retractable Occupant Restraint (lap belt) accessibility allows for easier use for driver.
  • Saves securement time, reduces physical demand on drivers, and reduces training time 



Fully ADA approved system, SAEJ2249, ISO 10542,

Complete integrated rear wheelchair securement module

Integrated (Mechanical) Time Delay.   No need to run cables or wires


Weight:  Approx. Weight: 12 lbs (not including Bracketry)

Dimensions: 13.9" W x 2.63” H x 2.88" D


Modular Design:  Allows for permanent (Floor) mounting, Seat Leg or Barrier mounting applications, as well as other floor mounting bracket options (L track or Slide N’ Click)


Mechanical Delay Release Handle - Single Slide Motion w/Audible “click” to notify driver when unit is activated & secured

Retractable Occupant Restraint (Lap Belt) mounted to unit – No more lost/loose belts (Paratransit & School applications)

High quality stainless steel construction provides superior corrosion resistance

Crash tested in forward, rearward & sideways facing directions

Warranty 3 Years