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The use of Onspot quickly becomes a habit and it’s a good idea to ensure that they are ready for you. The safety factor of Onspot is maximized for you and your student’ when they are properly operated and maintained. 



1. Engage Onspot in time – Don’t wait until you reach that slippery road section. Engage Onspot before you make a student stop or stop at the traffic lights. In this way you will have traction when you start and you and you reduce the risk of being stuck with spinning wheels. With Onspot engaged your braking power is enhanced which improves safety when stopping to pick up students.


2. Both uphill and downhill – Engage onspot before you start climbing a slippery hill. In this way you avoid getting stuck on a slope with spinning wheels. Also engage Onspot when driving downhill in slippery road conditions. With Onspot engaged braking distance and the risk of skidding are reduced.


3. If you forget – If you happen to forget to engage Onspot and get stuck in a slippery spot, flip the Onspot switch and spin the wheels up to 5 mph so that the chains are flung under the tires. When the tires grip, release the accelerator pedal until the bus starts to creep forward.


4. Keep to the limit – Don’t exceed 35 mph. It is a matter of safety!


5. Disengage on dry roads – When the road gets dry you should disengage Onspot. Using Onspot on dry roads reduces the life of the product and accordingly, it increases safety to disengage Onspot when you reach a dry road section