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Types of leases available

Traditional Loan Finance

  • Sales tax is billed at purchase
  • You own the bus and keep the depreciation benefits
  • Bus purchase will reflect on your financial statements

Loan finance with balloon

Like a traditional loan, but may offer lower payments because the purchase doesn't fully amortize over the course of the loan, leaving a final "balloon" payment, usually 20 or 40 percent, due at the end. The final payment can often be refinanced at market rates.

Fleet line of credit

  • Offers flexibility to make new purchases quickly and easily to groups that operate multiple vehicles.
  • Helps streamline the funding process, giving you more time to keep your buses running on schedule.
  • Quick and easy buying process
  • Loan or lease options available for each purchase
  • When you need growth, you’re already approved!

Lease purchase

Combines lower, fixed monthly payments with the guaranteed right to purchase the equipment at the conclusion of the term at a pre-determined price.

  • Keep the depreciation benefits
  • Preserve your credit line
  • Zero down payment available
  • Sales tax is billed monthly (in most states)

Trac Lease

A Trac (Terminal Rental Adjustment Clause) lease offers many of the benefits of a true lease, but is designed specifically for over-the-road vehicles like buses. Special provisions of the tax code allow for pre-determined end-of-lease valuations.

  • Equipment does not reflect on your balance sheet
  • Lower rates available due to depreciation kept by the Lessor
  • Zero down payment available (depending on credit & payment)
  • Purchase your bus at an agreed upon residual at expiration
  • Sales tax is billed monthly (in most states)

FMV Lease

A Fair Market Value (FMV) Lease can provide greater flexibility and lower monthly payments. Plus, you can "walk away" at the end of the lease to buy another bus, or purchase the leased vehicle at a reasonable value.

  • Equipment does not reflect on your balance sheet
  • Zero down payment available (depending on credit & payment)
  • Sales tax is billed monthly (in most states)
  • Walk away from your equipment at lease expiration with no obligations
  • Equipment may be purchased at lease expiration


Lease A Municipality Lease is a tax-exempt financing vehicle (pun intended) designed to meet the special needs of state and local municipalities. These entities include School Districts and any other organization where the interest paid is exempt from federal income taxes.

If you qualify as a municipality, we can offer you extremely low rates because of the tax exemption treatment that is provided to you.